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It's All In The Details

It’s the little things that count, so it’s all in the details when it comes to making your Moke pieces just a little bit special.

We take the time to ensure we select the best trims and hardware to elevate our garments - whether it's pale gold zips, silver buckles, black rubber logo patches, or metal drawcord stoppers to name just a few, know that they are all carefully chosen by our Production and Design team.

Something that seems so simple and basic - like the buttons on our cardigans and wool coats - still involves many key steps. Read along below to find out more!

  • The Design: Our production + design team create sketches or digital models of the button they envisage. They need to consider several factors, including: size, shape, material, functionality, durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Material Selection: Next they set about choosing the right material. Whether the button will be made of plastic, metal, or wood etc will be based on durability, appearance, and cost, among the aforementioned factors too.

  •  Prototyping: Prototypes are then created using 3D printing or other methods, and the buttons are then tested to check the design and functionality.
  • Molding and Casting: Once a design is settled on, a mold is then developed for the mass production of the chosen button. The development of these molds involves precision engineering to ensure the creation of consistent and high-quality buttons.
  • Manufacturing: The buttons are then produced using injection molding, casting, and other manufacturing processes. This step will often include finishing touches like polishing, painting, or the engraving of our logo (if required)
  •  Quality Control: An important stage, buttons are inspected to check for any defects that may have taken place during the previous step, and to ensure they meet the design specifications and our high quality standards.
  • Packaging: The final step is for the buttons to be packaged for distribution, ready to be used on Moke’s garments.

So next time you put on your favourite Moke piece, take a moment to cast your eyes over the hardware and trims. By carefully designing the best of these for each piece in the Moke collection, we know that we’re helping you take what could be just another coat or puffer jacket to an elevated piece of outerwear that you can wear with pride, ensuring you look and feel great!

Stand out in a crowd in all the right ways when you wear Moke.

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