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The Responsible Down Standard safeguards the welfare of geese and ducks that provide down and feathers for the products we all love. Down is an incredible natural material, but if the cost of using it is the mistreatment of animals we’re not interested! 100% of the down in MOKÉ products is certified under the Responsible Down Standard.




Down is possibly natures greatest insulator and one of the easier to adapt to human use. The naturally loose structure of down traps a very large amount of air. This air is then heated by the body to provide insulation. Additionally, down has the greatest ability to breathe, lifting away perspiration so you don’t experience the clamminess which often occurs with synthetic fabrics. Very high warmth to weight ratio Highly breathable Packable as down recovers very well from compression To compliment these qualities the outer shell of all Moke packable down jackets utilise modern lightweight high denier fabric that is beautifully soft to the touch. To make this garment packable it needs to be constructed as a single layer garment. A single layer of fabric with down feathers injected by compressed air and then sewn with special needles. This means that a degree of feathers may get stuck in the seams and shedding will occur, especially in the first few wears until they make their way back into or out of the garment. Please understand that this is normal and not a product defect. Like a feather duvet, feathers will always find their way out of the seams due to friction and static, so minimal shedding is to be expected and is the nature of all packable down jackets. Do not pull these feathers out. Instead pinch the feather from the inside of the body and pull them back into the body of the jacket.  


90/10 down refers to the ratio of the blend of down and other feathers. The higher the percentage of down the higher the insulation properties related to weight. All Moke down products are 90% down and 10% other feathers.



Said to be warmer than wool, the poly fibres trap air from your body keeping you toasty and warm. Polyester fibre filling is resistant to moisture. These water-resisting properties allow the synthetic fill to retain the majority of it insulating properties when wet. When a polyester fibre filling does come in contact with water, the moisture is trapped in the air pockets between the fibres-rather than in the fibres themselves. This allows for rapid drying, in a matter of minutes, when placed in direct sunlight. *Because poly is manmade, it is, for the most part hypoallergenic.





Fashion meets Function with Moke's rainwear collection. Lightweight yet strong polyester fabric is backed with a flexible polyurethane coating. The fabric is then stitched or bonded through heat sealing, ensuring quality and full water resistant products. Additionally all fittings, zippers and trimmings are designed and produced in materials optimised for wet conditions. The fabric used in our rainwear range is certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® which is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety.



Softshells use sophisticated stretch woven fabrics with tight layered weaves and durable water repellent treatments to help guard against wind and rain. In other words, a softshell keeps weather out like a hard shell but breathes like fleece. Keeping you comfortable during aerobic activities, regulating your temperature much more effectively and remaining comfortable during rigorous activity. All Moke softshell jackets are 4 way stretch making them extremely comfortable.