Lightweight Packable Rain Jackets. easy wear and care.

You never know when you might be caught out in the rain!

We love these vests because:

They suit all body shapes

Beautifully tailored

Long line to cover your bottom

Size XS - 4XL

Flattering Silhouette

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The Arctic range is designed to keep you warm during the harsh winter conditions

Are you looking for the perfect winter coat that you can wear everyday to keep you snuggly and dry? Then the Arctic range is for you! Each jacket is carefully crafted and filled with high quality, ethically sourced goose down. 

Designed for the harshest winter conditions, this range has a 15,000mm waterproof rating, keeping you dry and toasty during the cold and wet winter months.

Our arctic jackets are for you if:

You are always freezing when you are out watching the kids or grandkids play sport.

You live in a climate where it snows and frosts.

Your looking for a high quality investment peice you can wear for years to come.

You are travelling to somewhere with colder weather and you want a beautiful winter coat or jacket that you can wear in extreme cold, rain or snow.


DETROIT by Arctic is our fully waterproof heat seam sealed, goose down insulation vest. DETROIT features an oversized silhouette with extra length, matte black hardware, fully waterproof zippers and rubber branding patch. Designed for the harshest winter conditions this range has 15,000mm waterproof rating, keeping you dry and toasty during the cold wet winter months.